Davenant 2017

Otro año más nuestros alumnos de secundaria pasaron unos días de intercambio con el Colegio Davenant en Londres. Allí pudieron disfrutar de diferentes actividades y visitas culturales. También pasaron alguna jornada escolar viviendo de primera mano el sistema educativo inglés.

Os adjuntamos un texto escrito por una alumna del Colegio Juan de Valdés, donde nos narra su experiencia con los alumnos ingleses:

"We got to London by plane, like most people do. That morning I felt very excited because I was going to see Daisy -my exchange partner- but also nervous, as I was going to meet her family and I didn’t know how they would treat me.
The next day was a Friday and we went to Davenant Foundation School to have breakfast with all the English students. After that, we went sightseeing with our teachers. We visited something new every day: The British Museum, Cambridge, Hampton Court, etc. but my favourite places were St. James’s Park and China Town, near Leicester Square, in London.
On the weekend, we all made different plans that our partners and their families had organized for us (some went to the amusement park, some others to the shopping centre, etc.). I did a lot of activities with Daisy and her family and that was very nice because I felt really comfortable with all of them.
The worst moment in the week was when we had to say good-bye to our exchange partner. I felt really sad because I didn’t want to go back home. This has been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone!"

Blanca Simón, de 2º C.


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