Intercambio Davenant segundo de la E.S.O.

English Exchange
My first memory of this trip is when I was in the plane, listening to music while watching the beautiful landscape. I felt very excited to visit London for the first time, but also really nervous. After two long hours we finally arrived there, and a bus took us to the school, which was huge. Later, I went to my exchange’s house. At the beginning it was a little bit strange, but then I felt more comfortable and they treated me very well. At first I thought was not going to speak with my exchange so much, but I actually talked to her all the time and practised my English a lot.

The first day we visited London, and we saw many things such as Big Ben, London Eye, a Guard Change… But what I liked most was the boat trip through River Thames. In the afternoon, most exchanges took us to Top Golf and I had a great time with my friends.
The next day I went to a picnic with my friends and our exchanges in a park similar to the Retiro in Madrid, and we took outstanding pictures. After the picnic, we walked up the M&Ms World and we finally went to Harrods.
On Sunday, I met my friends in Oxford Street, where there are plenty of shops and we had lots of fun. On Monday, we visited the British Museum and we went shopping to Piccadilly. After school, I stayed at home and later I went with my exchange family to have dinner in Nando’s.
The following day, we were taken to Hampton Court Palace, which was really interesting. In the afternoon I met my friends again, and we went bowling and shopping in a large shopping centre called Westfield.
On Wednesday, we walked around the old city of Cambridge and visited its well-known university. We also had time to buy souvenirs and spend time there with our friends. After the school trip I went on the London Eye and its views were breath-taking.
The last day, our exchanges showed us their school. After this school tour we had to say goodbye and everyone was so sad. I fell in love with London and I got on very well with the exchanges, so I didn’t want to leave.
There are no words to describe how good this experience has been, I enjoyed everything we did. I totally recommend it to everyone, because it is a way to spend a wonderful time with your friends while learning about a new culture and practise a different language. I can’t say anything bad about this trip because it was perfect.

Mireya Pando


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