4º ESO visita el "British Council Education Fair"



Last Tuesday the students of 4ºESO went to the British Council Education Fair in Madrid. There, we had the chance of getting to know more about the British education system and how it works.

There were stands of many different universities from all over the UK, including very well-known ones like Cambridge University and King’s College in London, offering students their variety of careers and giving information to those interested. The staff were really nice and willing to help you with any questions or doubts you had.

You could also attend conferences where they talked about different topics regarding all about the British education system. We had the pleasure of going to one of the conferences to learn about everything we need to do and what to keep in mind before applying to a British university.

Overall, I think it was a really interesting visit. It’s not too long before we have to decide what to do on the future, and this was very helpful for many of us who want to study abroad.



Gema Nueda 4ºESO C



On Tuesday 20th, the students of 4ºESO headed to the hotel where the British Council Education Fair was celebrated. The main objective of the fair was making the students aware of all the variety of careers and opportunities they can opt for if they want to study in the UK.

From my perspective, it was very helpful. There were a lot of stands, each for a different university, where you could ask for useful information. For instance, if you are interested in medicine, you could have asked about the medicine-related careers they offered in that university. The staff was very nice and they answered your questions frankly, although some of them were hard to understand due to their closed accent. Also, there was a conference, where they explained the facilities that the British government provides foreign students, requirements for scholarships, etc.

In conclusion, it was a very worthwhile experience to anyone interested in studying abroad, therefore I recommend to all of these people to get some information in this fair.


Violeta Hernández 4º ESO A






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