Intercambio con el Colegio Davenat


When I learnt that I was going to have an English student at home I got very excited and a little bit nervous. Then, I got to know him through Whatsapp and I realized that we had a lot of things in common.
He came at home on Tuesday afternoon. We liked each other very much from the beginning. I introduced him to my family. I’m lucky because my family speaks English very well, so that afternoon we all enjoyed talking to him and we went out for dinner together.
In the following days, he visited Madrid with his classmates and in the afternoons we met other people in the exchange programme.  We had dinner in McDonald’s and Telepizza. We also visited Toledo together with the teachers and the other students in 2º ESO. On Saturday, we went to the amusement park. We enjoyed our time together very much. It was fun!
I liked this experience very much and I now feel like Theo -my exchange student- is my brother. I miss him and we still talk through Whatsapp.
I would recommend this experience to everyone because you can meet very interesting people and improve your English.

Mario Gómez, 2º ESO B





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