Viaje a Inglaterra

Nuestro colegio apuesta decididamente por la riqueza que supone el intercambio de experiencias con alumnos de otros países.

Por ello fomenta las estancias e intercambios internacionales, en los cuales, los alumnos viven una experiencia inolvidable acogiendo en sus propias familias alumnos de otros países y viajando a esos países integrándose en otras familias

Trip to Bournemouth

My name is Sara and my experience on the trip to Bournemouth has been fantastic.

It was the first time I travelled alone for a week without my family and also the first time I left Spain.

I´ve had a great time, starting with the family I was with, who have behaved very well with me and my partner Claudia,  they are great !!!....Jo, Issy, Lily…., they  taught us how to play the piano, how to make English tea, how to paint a picture and many other things.

 As for the places I´ve seen, I liked the beach very much and the weather was really  good  when we went there. I also enjoyed Moors Valley, a natural park with wooden circuits, Christchurch Priory, a very nice cathedral.

But above all, what I liked the most was getting to know London, although we couldn´t visit all the places because we didn´t have time,  I really liked it.

I would repeat the trip over and over again because it has been very special to me.


Sara Granados Cordente 1 ESO C