Viaje a Inglaterra

Nuestro colegio apuesta decididamente por la riqueza que supone el intercambio de experiencias con alumnos de otros países.

Por ello fomenta las estancias e intercambios internacionales, en los cuales, los alumnos viven una experiencia inolvidable acogiendo en sus propias familias alumnos de otros países y viajando a esos países integrándose en otras familias

Intercambio con Davenant Foundation School


When we went to London we saw the Big Ben, which is very famous, and also very old. We went to Picadilly Circus, which is a place with many shops. I really liked the shop Cool Britannia, which is very big. It has many things to buy. When we went to Picadilly we bought a lot of things and we had a great time there.

Marta Herraez

London Time

The Wednesday that we arrived to Loughton, we went to London City. In the morning, at 9:00 a.m, we were ready to leave the Davenant School. When we arrived, we went on a boat and we saw all the Thames, and all the important monuments of London. The boat was very big and we saw a lot of boats sailing throughthe Thames. When we arrived at Greenwich we saw a really big boat that was a museum, the Cutty Sark. That day we had a lot of fun.

Eva Martín


The day that I enjoyed most was when we went to Cambridge. It was interesting and nice ,our teachers showed us a sculpture of Henry VIII. Instead of a cane he was holding a chair leg, they told us that the students from the university had changed it to play a joke. Next we went into a college and it was big and beautiful.

When we finished the tour we went to the shopping center to buy souvenirs, and we did a quiz about the university. That was the best day.

Álvaro Ortiz

Hampton Court

On Friday, we went with the English people to Hampton Court, Henry VIII castle. Visiting this great building was very interesting. We saw the chapel where Henry’s son was baptized. Also we were able to admire his beautiful crown.

We had the opportunity to visit the great kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms of the palace. During the visit we saw several characters from period such as Henry VIII, Katherine Howard…This journey to the past was very interesting.

Javier Lafuente

Estancia en Bournemouth

We arrived in Bournemouth very late. On the first day, we went to the Romans Baths, in Bath and we went for a walk. On the second day, we had morning classes and in the afternoon we went to Christchurch. In Christchurch there was a street market. On the third day, we had classes and in the afternoon, we went for a walk in Bournemouth and we went to the beach. At night we saw a film at school.

On the forth day we went to Castlepoint , it is a shopping centre. At night we played bingo at school. On the fifth day, we had classes and in the afternoon we went to Poole. At night we saw a film at school. On the sixth day, in the afternoon we went for a walk in Bournemouth. On the seventh day, Saturday, we went to the beach without teachers. Some silly boys fell into the water and they were in pants the rest of the morning. We had a lot of fun! On Sunday we returned to Madrid. Lots of the people wanted to stay more time in this fantastic place.

By Andrea Chana and Carmen Pinto

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