Intercambio con los alumnos del Colegio Davenat en Inglaterra

Como cada año, disfrutamos de la visita de nuestros alumnos ingleses del Colegio Davenant. Juntos realizamos una visita a Toledo. Ellos, por su parte, realizaron diversas actividades y visitas, como la ciudad de Alcalá de Henares, El Palacio Real y el estadio Santiago Bernabéu entre otras. El próximo mes de marzo nos toca a nosotros realizar el intercambio ya en tierras inglesas.

Os adjuntamos un texto escrito por un alumno del Colegio Juan de Valdés, donde nos narra su experiencia con los alumnos ingleses:

“The English students from Davenant arrived last Thursday. We had to meet them outside the school. When our last class finished, I left the school quickly to meet him. I felt nervous and excited! As we had exchanged some pictures before he came, we recognized one another immediately. However, we were too shy to talk.
On Saturday, we went to the amusement park and we did a lot of things, for example we rode the highest roller coaster that I had ever ridden. We had a very nice day. Then, we ate a pizza together.
On Sunday, we went to Parque de Europa with my cousins and some friends. After visiting the park and having lunch, we went zip lining and we enjoyed a lot! Then, we stayed home and played the guitar with my uncle and my sister.
On Monday, we visited Toledo and its famous mosques, synagogues and Jewish quarter. We also had free time to buy souvenirs. Toledo was amazing!
Thursday was our last day together and I was sad. It is a pity that they had to go. I have enjoyed this experience so much because I have met a very good boy and we have learnt a lot about the English culture. It has been a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone!

Saúl Sáez, 2º ESO B”



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